ROKA Travel organises wildlife internships and customised tours to South Africa.


Everything started with a one year journey through South Africa. The idea to share experiences about breathtaking places and extraordinary nature and wildlife developed during a braai at a farm in the Karoo.


Next to providing information about trustworthy providers of wildlife internships and acting as their European point of contact, ROKA Travel also offers consultation during the organisation of individual trips to South Africa. 


In order to make your trip special, countless first-hand experiences will be used to plan your adventure. In addition, you save a lot of time and nerves.





  • For those, who like to combine traveling with nature and wildlife.
  • For those, who are looking for an adventure.
  • For those, who do not like planning but still enjoy flexibility.

  • For those, who want to adjust their journey on an individual basis.
  • and for those, who are happy to receive recommendations and personal advice.
A. Tomitzi, Founder of ROKA Travel
A. Tomitzi, Founder of ROKA Travel

to experience and comprehend nature is a primary goal

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P.S. ROKAs eponym - the red cardinal (ROter KArdinal in German) - inspired us because of its cheeky appearence, individuality and courage.


While other birds try to adapt as good as possible to their surroundings - in order to disappear into the crowd - the red cardinal stands out due to his bright, cardinal plumage.


And yes, at ROKA Travel you'll find "bird nerds". Therefore, let us know if you are planning a birding trip to South Africa and we will love to help you organise it!


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