The South African (SA) climate in general is quite friendly and mild. Compared to Europe the seasons are shifted, which means that the European summer is winter time in SA and the other way round.

Important to know is your exact destination. Roughly speaking: from June to August the northern part of the country is (during day time) dry and warm whereas the South is colder and rainy. From December to February it is the exact opposit. During winter time it can get quite chilly at night.



Watch out, in South Africa you have to drive on the left! South Africa provides an excellent road network and the traffic participants in general are friendly and correct. Nevertheless, you always have to be cautious.

Car Rental

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DE/AT/CH citizens require no visa (max. 90 day stay); there are special entry requirements for minors - expecially when travelling only with one parental unit.


Needs to be valid for at least 30 days at exit, as well as 2 empty pages at entry.


Recommendations regarding vaccinations and malaria prevention depend on your exact destination in South Africa. It is recommended to consult your general practitioner or any other qualified facility approx. 8 weeks prior to departure.


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