wildlife internship

The internship at Meerkat Wildlife in the Karoo is ideal for everyone who enjoys being outdoors, observing nature as well as expanding their knowledge on the wonders of the wild.


what you'll be doing

During your stay, your daily routine will consist of some of the following activities:

  • Wildlife Monitoring and Research Sessions
    • Feeding Patterns
    • Breeding
    • Sleeping Places
    • Times at Waterholes
    • The Female Herds
    • The Bachelor Herds
    • The Territorial Bulls
  • Vegetation Research
    • Shrubland
    • Dwarf Shrubland
    • Succulent
  • Livestock Farming Activities
    • Livestock Management
    • Health
    • Breeding
    • Feeding
    • Equestrian
  • Rehabilitation of Injured or Orphaned Animals when needed
  • Vegetation and Veld Rehabilitation
  • Educational Hiking and Camping Trips

The internship takes places on an active farm, and as such, plans are subject to change. When there’s a crisis, it’s all hands on deck! We can therefore not guarantee that you’ll experience all the activities mentioned above, however this only means more exposure to unique and unplanned activities.


For more information, get in touch.



We provide backpacker type accommodation with separate male and female rooms. The shared bathrooms have hot showers and flushing toilets.


A spacious kitchen and relaxation area is also provided, as well as an outside braai (BBQ) and fire pit overlooking the mountains, where we spend many evenings relaxing and socializing after a day in the field.




The total cost of the internship is EUR 724.-, of which EUR 124.- is a non-refundable deposit payable on your successful application. The remaining EUR 600.- must be paid at least two weeks before the programme commences.

The price includes:

  • accommodation & food,
  • internet,

  • transport on the reserve, as well as

  • transport from Port Elizabeth airport and back.

Flights and medical insurance are not included.

personal qualifications

Are you open minded, like the outdoors and have a basic level of fitness? If so, you’re the perfect candidate.


Minors need parental approval.


Please see our Essential Kit for guidelines on what to bring along. Be sure to ask us if you’re unsure about anything!

meerkat wildlife

ROKA Travel provides you with all necessary upfront information. The actual internship will be organised and operated by Meerkat Wildlife on their farm in the Karoo (South Africa). For further information please check: www.meerkatwildlife.org